Hear ye hear ye! Come here me speak on Thursday! Suitable for all age and skill levels. No technical knowledge or Web 2.0 knowledge required, but even if you do, I bet you will still learn something. Regardless love to see you and speak with you before or after.

From Remixing RSS - Roland's Talk at Vancouver Web 2.0 Forum on September 22, 2005 | Bryght.:


Roland will be giving a talk based on his Remixing RSS - Past, Present, and Future paper for XML Conference 2005 at ActiveState on Granville Street in Vancouver. Doors open at 6:30p.m. and close at 7:00 p.m.  You have to be let in by an ActiveState employee so you need to arrive between 6:30p.m. and 7:00p.m. or you won't be able to get in!

This will be a high level presentation for everybody interested in Web 2.0 (users, developers, bloggers, etc.).
Some of the topics to be covered:
  • Why does RSS matter? (Summary: best way to express yourself online and listen to what you care about)
  • What is RSS? How does it work?
  • What is RSS remixing?
  • What's in it for me?
  • RSS Remixing past present and future
You can find more info about this event and Web 2.0 events in Vancouver over on the Van 2 Web Site.


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