For podcasters starting out, I highly recommend Podcasting the Do it yourself guide by Todd Cochrane (Mr. Geek News Central; Todd did I meet you at Gnomedex 2005?), ISBN 0-7645-9778-7, published 2005. It shows you everything you need to do (including what software to buy, what recording hardware including mixes and mixers to buy) etc. for both mobile and studio setups. The only thing missing is  how to use Drupal to post podcasts and GarageBand for Mac people. But don't worry, I will post Podcasting Drupal How To's to (of course!) and also Mac How Tos here. This kind of book gets obsolete every year, wouldn't it be great if Todd could update it like "Let's Go Europe" every year? Be great if I could subscribe to monthly updates. Now there's something I would pay for since podcasting gear and software is a moving target and I don't have time to track it!

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