Can't wait to try this out! Something like this is badly needed. I will try to post a mini-review later.

From Sxore 0.2 - sometimes the sequel is better.:


Sxore 0.2 went live late last night. This release added a whack of new features and improvements, including:

- a photo picker - now you can personalize your blog comments with photos from several different sources, including Gravatar and Flickr. This picker is smart too - it'll find images for you automatically when you register.

- photos, photos everywhere - your personal icon now shows up in blog posts, on sxore site, and even in RSS feeds.

- rankings and tags - rankings and tags made by commenters are now aggregated and shown on the blog post.

- follow page - see the contents of your follow feed and stop following conversations you're no longer interested in.

... and a whole lot more.

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