This is ridiculous. The ringtone market is totally b*gus! Teenagers, buy the CD with the tunes you want or acquire it legally from iTunes. Rip the segment you want as your ringtone to MP3 and then get one of your techie friends to convert it to a ringtone! Perfectly legal and much cheaper! Somebody should start a web service (or write an app) for this called Ringster (but I bet it hasn't happened because of the legal threat from the r*diculous music industry). Lazy web?

From O'Reilly Radar > Setting User Expectations on Price.:


Great comment from Michael Powell at the Web 2.0 Conference (paraphrase): 'My son says 99 cent songs on iTunes suck! He thinks music should be free. But his ringtone bill last month was $40! To me, a ringtone is just a bad sample of a song, but to him, it's worth $2.99. It's all about setting expectations."


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