Please vote for Troy's manifesto. Whether you agree with Troy or not (and I do), it is certainly thought provoking in a good way which is what the best manifestos do.

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Author(s): Troy Angrignon

There is a change occurring on the internet and it is called Web 2.0. It is already beginning to transform the way we connect, collaborate, create and communicate. It allows people to work together across time and space. It allows machines to read. It is the manifestation of six degrees of separation, a way in which we can see the weak links that hold our networks of networks together. Everybody who uses the internet for business, non-profit, government operations or pleasure needs to know how it works because it allows people to communicate more easily with their network, experience faster feedback loops, collaborate more effectively, and work in ways that were not possible before. Our manifesto trumpets the arrival of this second phase of the internet, weighs the benefits of moving and the risks of staying behind, articulates the principles underlying this paradigm shift, provides resources for further exploration, and calls all readers to act now to begin preparing for the trip.


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