If you want to upload lots of flickr photos from your Series 60 phone, I highly recommend ShoZu. I have stopped using Lifeblog and will now upload my pictures using Shozu? Why? ShoZu doesn't have a s*lly "4 photo at a time" upload limit like Lifeblog. ShoZu uploads automagically in the background, detects loss of GPRS and re-connects unlike Lifeblog. In short ShoZu was designed from the ground up for flickr and wasn't designed with a "mobile phone and Windows PC are the center of my photo universe" mentality which applies maybe to 1 or 2 people :-) but not to me!

Feature requests:

    1. Use the upload by email tags as default tags like Lifeblog does
    1. Have feature to automatically delete photos from the phone after download.
    2. Have a feature where the user can enter a default title for photos like Hugin and Mugin and the title will have the photo capture time automatically appended (and/or use the appropriate flickr api to set the photo capture time). e.g. I enter Vancouver and the photos are titled: "Vancouver 10:50:30a.m. October 25, 2005", "Vancouver 10:51:00a.m. October 25, 2005", etc. assuming the photos were taken at 10:50:30 and 10:51:00

From ShoZu.:


Saving to Flickr: Once activated, each time you take a new photo, ShoZu will give you the option of uploading to Flickr (You may turn this off if you wish). If you click OK, the photo will be uploaded quietly in the background, leaving you free to do other things.


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