Doc and Ed nail it! Read the whole thing!

From Ed Brill - Doc Searls on blogging vs. journalism.:


The various blogs covering the story included Doc Searls. He and I had an offline e-mail conversation about the story, and about his collection of links, which included many other blogs--but initially not mine. Searls graciously updated his links to include my blog entry. In his e-mail back to me, he wrote:
I think there is also something about blogging that gets scant credit: provisionalism. Non-finality. While conventional journalism tends to be homiletic and conclusive ("this is so, and I've done the research to prove it"), blogging journalism is often provisional ("this seems to be so... what do the rest of ya'll think?").
This is a huge and powerful thought. Journalists write as if they get one shot to tell the story. They might write follow-ups, but a "mainstream media" article tends to be written to stand alone, to represent a complete picture, and to answer as many general questions as possible.


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