Even more (check out my survey of 7 videoblogging services for some others)! I can't keep up with all the video blogging services! I am basically not interested in anything with limited storage or anything that limits individual videos to be less than 100MB so Sharkle is out. DailyMotion looks interesting though!

From twenty-fifth dimension :: The Creme de Video Sharing Websites? :: November :: 2005.:


Just when you think you've seen them all, another video sharing website comes bobbing along. In my case, 4.

Here's a quick summary on how the competition stands (in depth of individual sites will follow soon). All have a free service which includes enough features to satisfy:

-Not listed in any order-

Sharkle is a full featured site rivalling the big dogs, YouTube and Vidifife, offering just as good features, but topping it off with great Flsah quality. It's conversion is fast too. It only offers 1Gig of free space, but that is plenty enough. *This one gets my award for the best video sharing site.*


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