When we actually have a platform that is stable (unlike Nokia's which is is great if you don't mind it changing every year with every phone :-). I hope that the smart phone platform comes from Nokia but I fear it will come from China, Korea or even worse M*crosoft.

From U.S. Mobile Christmas 2005.:


WTF Are the Smart Phones!??!: About a year ago I started telling most people around me to stop focusing on smart phones (phones with actual operating systems), because I didn't think they'd reach ubiquity for another few years. But even this drop off in offerings here in the U.S. surprised me: There are less smartphones available this year than last. I can't even find the 6682 online yet (which is supposed to have already launched), the Microsoft phones are last year's models, there's no Linux phones and the rest are PDA replacements like the Treo or Blackberry. Wow. Hopefully when 3G networks come to the GSM carriers, this will start to change as consumers demand more functionality to take advantage of the faster networks. But wow, the lack of a decent smartphone selection for regular consumers is disappointing.


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