In the future, everything (blogs, wikis, industrial and knowledge worker processes like CVS checkins and number of ice cream cones in the last hour!) will generate RSS (or Atom which I think are basically the same things) and it will be the basis for the real time enterprise console and digital lifestyle aggregator (thank-you Marc Canter for that vision) as I presented about at XML 2005 in my RSS Remixing Past, Present and Future last week in Atlanta

From Burning Questions - The Official FeedBurner Weblog: Feed for Thought.:


Back in October of 2003, when we first started building FeedBurner with hammer and chisel, RSS was, for many people, synonymous with blogs. Now that it's almost 2006, RSS is, for many people, synonymous with blogs. We still see quotes in major media that conflate blogs and RSS as if they were inextricably bound together. A, therefore B. Blogs, therefore RSS. In early 2003, it was probably accurate to say that almost all blogs had feeds and almost all feeds were derived from a blog. Today, however, while almost all blogs still have feeds, there are innumerable feeds that are unrelated to blogs. Commercial publishers have embraced feeds wholeheartedly; most web services and many search engines now provide subscribed results; and podcasts and videocasts are entirely feed-based while not necessarily tied to blogs.


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