Lee's pre Gnomedex BBQ was one of the highlights of the conferences I went to in 2005. For me, it brought together lots of cool people in Seattle as well as the technical creatives who happened to be in town and was magic (magic for informal networking (I loved the videos of me and others by Peter Grondal) and magic because it helped me to get to know Lee and his wife Sachi better).

Kind of what TechCrunch's Mike Arrington started doing shortly afterwards: an informal gathering of technical creatives. More like that please when you get back, Lee! The Seattle (and Vancouver) communities could use regular BBQs like this during our ever so brief non rainy season. Anybody got a nice place in Vancouver (preferably with a backyard plus a basement or somewhere decent to hang should it rain!) where we can do this? I'll organize if you provide the venue! I'd offer our place but we don't have a backyard!

From Common Craft - Social Design for the Web: What I Would Have Written in 2006 (A Goodbye For Now).:


Seattle - I would have continued to document the growth of Seattle as one of the global centers of Web innovation and growth.


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