For those who were at the Bowen Island Blogging Intro today, thank-you! I learned that single sign on/identity is really an issue for real people. Watching them endure the process of giving their first and last name, think of a screen name and email address multiple times as well as going through the email verification dance for flickr, Bloglines and WordPress. Nothing against these services, it's just the gruesome reality of coming up with multiple userids on multiple systems today. Give the people what they want and need: Identity 2.0!

Anyways, attached is the presentation in PDF and Keynote (for Mac people) form and the outline of the presentation notes is below.

As well I will tag any links we mentioned using an online bookmark service called with the tag: bowenblogintro. You can can get all the links on the bowenblogintro tag page as well as subscribe to the bowenblogintro tag RSS feed for updates.

  • What is a blog (Roland's flickr photoblog, bmannconsulting, darrenbarefoot screenshots)?
    • The unedited voice of a person
    • anatomy: permanent links, reverse chronological, subscribe via RSS (RSS diagram), comments
    • works for podcasts and videoblogs too, RSS is the carrier
    • subscription helps conversation
    • Bloglines demo
  • Why should I blog?
    • Why should you email? blogging or having a personal/corporate/org conversational space TODAY is where email was 5-10 years ago
    • Unless you want to be an online hermit which is a valid choice, need to have a strategy eventually for your personal online conversational space including blogging (early adopters get pain and benefit)
    • promotes personal brand, business brand, passions
    • BLOG = better listings on Google = $ indirectly and directly
  • How do I Blog?
    • The Program
      • Listen for a few days/weeks
      • Play with free services (e.g. create a free blog at and free photoblog at flickr)
        • create half a dozen or so posts
      • Come up with strategy (or not, playing is good)
        • own your own domain name
        • put all your stuff there, or aggregate it
        • may want non free services if your org or business depends on it
  • Hands on
    • create your own domain name
    • create your own free blog at WordPress
    • create your first post
    • create flickr account
    • post a photograph
    • subscribe using Bloglines to your flickr blog and your WordPress blog

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