I am pretty sure I know who these people are. I am pretty sure they are in Vancouver. I think they should "out" themselves and blog or at least identify the team before I do :-) ! 

From Movamail - Home.:


Send and receive email via your mobile phone: Supports most modern mobile phones. Including NOKIA®, Motorola®, Sony Ericsson®, Siemens®, Sanyo®, Samsung® and other recognized leading mobile phones.

Consolidate your email onto your mobile phone: Supports most email accounts, including Hotmail®, Yahoo! Mail®, MSN®, AOL®, Earthlink®, Mindspring®, Juno®, and all POP3 or IMAP mail accounts.

Far faster than any other Mobile Email: Mobile Mail is up to ten times faster then most of the default email applications that are included in some of today’s mobile handsets. This dramatically reduces frustrating download times and increases usability.


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