It seems like only yesterday that I first started using Writely. In fact it was back in early October 2005, five months ago. Since then it's become my default cross platform way to create rich documents collaboratively despite its bugs like the fact that it can't pass the "Roland and Troy nested list test" (but then no web writing app does!). Congrats to the Writely folks.

To the fine folks at Google a few humble pleas: Please don't pull a Blogger. Keep adding features such as fixing the aforementioned nested list bug. Keep Writely competitive unlike Blogger. And finally consider picking up Dabble DB as your spreadsheet web app.

From Google? Yep, Google! .:


Writely is now part of Google!

Yes, we've been acquired by Google, and we're really excited about this for many, many reasons. But I can hear you saying, "I don't care why YOU'RE excited - I want to know how this change will impact ME!"


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