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Simi Sara and Dave Gerry - Breakfast Television <p>This morning at 7:50a.m. Pacific, I was on CityTV VancouverBreakfast Television for about 5 minutes. I spoke with Simi Sara, the host, on how easy it is to podcast and I demoed Odeo (which works through a web browser like Internet Explorer; here’s the 7 second podcast Simi and I recorded on the Breakfast Television). All you need is a computer with a microphone, an internet connection and Odeo (free, unlimited 3 minute podcasts!), a story, something to say or a cool sound. What I didn’t get a chance to say was: play around with Odeo and then when you get serious, move up to a non free commercial provider like Audioblog (my friend Eric Rice’s podcasting and videoblogging service) or libsyn (just to name two). </p> <p>Check out my other podcasts at Dogma Radio.</p>

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