It's may sound hackneyed but it's true: I have always felt that Stephen was a source of light and I look forward to whatever he comes up with next whenever it happens.

As the Filipinos say, "kitakits" which translated badly (I was born in the Philippines but left when I was 15 months old so my Tagalog is *very* sketchy) means "I'll see you when I see you" Stephen!

From Stephen's Web ~ by Stephen Downes ~.:


Accordingly, I am placing this newsletter and website on hiatus for an indefinite period. I will be back when I'm back.

Please know that I have always valued and held in the highest esteem the work that all of you are doing to try to make things better, especially for the young. My dedication toward your objectives, toward social justice and opportunity, toward a better life for all, is never wavering, will never waver.

It is time for a darkening of the light as I retreat and think about what I am going to do and how I am going to do it, but know that the light will never flicker and never fade. I wish you well in your endeavours, and I will be back to walk the long hard road alongside you.


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