Navteq Drive and Ride - 5 <p>Ever wonder what how the data for Google Maps, Yahoo maps, etc. is gathered? Well wonder no more. Navteq, "supplier of world wide map data to the universe" :-), were in town visiting WinBC today and I had the opportunity to do a "Drive and Ride" with them in their specially equipped Pontiac and also to speak with their Vancouver based field personnel as well as their marketing team from headquarters in Chicago:</p> <ol> <li>PODCAST of our DRIVE AND RIDE in the Navteq car (9.1 MB MP3 file, 19:45) gathering some digital map data including where restaurants are, one way streets and medians (my apologies for the poor sound quality; something was amiss with my microphone).
</li> <li>Navteq visits WinBC flickr pictures March 16, 2006</li> <li>VIDEO - Robert Gourdine Part 1 - Navteq has 1800 NOT 1600 people in 55 countries. Mapping the world! Providing data to enable "location aware" services. Recorded at Win BC on March 16, 2006</li> <li>VIDEO - Robert Gourdine Part 2 - How to get access to the data? Navteq is interested in growing the community of people using their data which I came up with the phrase "enabler for providing smart, dynamic, location based information". Recorded at Win BC on March 16, 2006</li> <li>VIDEO - James and Kevin - Vancouver based Navteq employees - James and Kevin are based at the Navteq office in Richmond, BC, Canada and are responsible for ensuring their mapping data is up to date from Manitoba west. Recorded March 16, 2006 at the Win BC office on my Nokia N70 cameraphone.</li><li>VIDEO - Val Brown - Val Brown, Navteq marketing manager, explains how Navteq’s dynamic location data puts them at the foreground of location aware social networking, as well as their traditional market like mapping and car navigation systems. Recorded March 16, 2006 at the offices of WinBC.</li> </ol> <p> </p>

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