Amen brother! Preachit!

FROM A VC: What The RIAA Needs To Do:


The RIAA is screwing up the music business. Their hatred of Napster has led to a jihad on free mp3s that is slowly but surely killing the music business. The major labels will continue to merge, consolidate, and put out increasingly irrelevant music.

Something needs to change and this is what needs to happen. The RIAA needs to drop its fight against free mp3s. They need to accept that music sold online needs to be as portable as music sold offline is.

I mean how stupid is it to continue to sell CDs with no copy protection on them but to DRM the hell out of online music. It's forcing people like me who consume all of our music online to buy our music encased in plastic! It's dumb, anti-consumer, and it has to stop.

The RIAA needs to accept that some proportion of their customer base will consume pirated music. They need to just eat that as the cost of doing business.

They need to focus on the majority of music consumers who will pay for music, but want a better deal, and want the music portable so they can play it wherever they want.


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