The N91 has imperfections that myself and others have chronicled but it's a great 21st century transistor radio. Download the Nokia podcasting client, download a few or many podcasts to the 4GB drive and then listen to what you want (as opposed to what some f*ol programs on some radio station :-)! The N91 also has an FM radio so you can listen to that if you must!

Your mileage may vary, but I find podcasts like Coverville, the "mostly opaque but full of chestnuts" Gillmor Gang, the Raincoast Books Anthony Bourdain podcast, etc. infinitely more interesting than FM radio!). They sound great on the built in speaker (which is much better than the speaker on the N70 or the 7610) while chilling out on a chesterfield, while driving (use the standard headphone jack to hook it into your sound system) or even while walking (use the headphones, respect your aural environment!).

All in all, the N91 listening experience unexpectedly reminds me of listening to my old red transistor radio powered by a 9V battery that I used to listen to the 72 Canada Russia Hockey series. The technology changes but the song remains the same!

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