My only real objection to Matchstick's program is that they are giving out obsolete phones like the Nokia 6682. Matchstick, don't treat Canadians like they live in a mobile ghetto/backwater (perhaps the truth is we do :-( unfortunately). Give the Matchstick bloggers an up to date quad band phone like the N80 not yesterday's news like the 6682. If the Nokia Blogger Relations Program can give out up to date phones to Canadians and Americans, I don't see why Matchstick can't.


Full disclosure: I’m reviewing a new mobile phone I got for free from a marketing company in Toronto called They gave me a sweet package as well:
Nokia 6682 Phone with USB connector and charger
512 MB memory upgrade
Bluetooth Headset
Extra headphones
Fortuitous timing, I needed a mobile upgrade. The Nokia 6682 replaces my 20060729-1436_005Nokia 3595. I’ll be entering the modern world with photo/video/mp3 capabilities. The old 3595 had Java apps, web browsing and email, but they were cumbersome and ugly.
I’m not going to post a ridiculously long DPReview-styled analysis of the phone. The release date was over a year ago and that information is already widely disseminated. This will be a personal account of my experience with the Nokia 6682. For the detailed Nokia 6682 breakdown see Howard Chui’s review.


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