After a long and taxing  process on the BarCamp Vancouver mailing list, we've decided to increase the number of allowed participants to 120. Again, if you can't make it, please remove your name from the BarCamp Vancouver Registry.  I am blown away by the breadth and depth of the topics and people who have signed up. See you Friday August 25th at 1 Alexander at the new Bryght office.

As of today the following 120 have signed up (we'll send an email next week reminding people about BarCamp, some ground rules and reminding them to remove themselves if they can't make it and an update to the folks on the waiting list):

  1. James Sherrett - james AT - - AdHack: a do-it-yourself (DIY) advertising community.
  2. kk+ - Blog / Bryght - PhotoCamp
  3. Roland Tanglao - roland AT my blog - ShoZu vs. filemobile vs. AmbientVector, etc. for mobile phone photo and video sharing, low production value video of pictures taken by campers, like to participate in some of sort of Google Maps mashup and a Kris Krug PhotoCamp
  4. Darren Barefoot - darrren AT darrenbarefoot DOT com - - Changing the World in 30 Minutes
  5. Dale McGladdery - dale AT group42 DOT ca - - Drupal lightning talk, maybe even throw in some thunder
  6. Robert Scales - Robert at raincitystudios dor com
  7. Evan Robinson - evan AT enginesofmischief DOT com - Managing for Brains
  8. Monique Trottier - monique AT somisguided DOT com - tbc
  9. Dane Brown - dane AT abetterplacetowork DOT com - - WorkSpace
  10. Nathaniel Brown - - - Getting Started with Ruby on Rails
  11. Scott Laird - scott AT sigkill DOT org - / Google
  12. Jeremy Hubert - jeremy at raincitystudios dor com
  13. Mik Lernout - mik AT futurestreet DOT org - / Make Technologies - Source Code Forensics
  14. Ianiv Schweber - - Blogaholics - tbd
  15. Arieanna Schweber (Foley) - - Blogaholics - tbd
  16. Yonas Jongkind - yonas DOT jongkind AT gmail[.]com - Make Technologies - tbd
  17. Dustin Sacks - dustin AT sillysoft DOT net - Random Dude / Sillysoft Games - Self-publishing on the web, lighting talk + discussion
  18. Alexandra Samuel - - Social Signal - tagging & RSS for a better world
  19. Aaron Pettigrew - - Social Signal - managing online communities for nonprofits
  20. Rob Cottingham - - Social Signal - secrets of killer technology presentations
  21. Kate Dugas - - Changing Everything
  22. Simon Wex - - Leveraging search tools to make the boring, unboring.
  23. Travis Smith - - Hop Studios - Six ways to encourage better participation in your online community
  24. Dmitry Nekrasovski - mail DOT dmitry AT gmail DOT com - enterprise social software
  25. Brian LeRoux - - .net vs rails (maybe)
  26. Joni Rustulka - - acronym elimination
  27. Gillian Gunson - - Blog - tbd, I have to make up some bs to talk about
  28. Joy - joy DOT boyson AT gmail DOT com - ditto on the bs, tbd
  29. Brian Aker - brian AT tangent DOT org - MySQL stuff
  30. Alexandre Brabant - abrabant AT Gmail DOT com - Search Marketing stuff
  31. Bruce Byfield - bbyfield AT axion DOT net - the free software media: its credo, how to get along with it, its relation to blogging -- some or all of the above
  32. Andre Charland - nitobi, Captain Ajax, DogLotion. AJAX, Usability, User Experience, Screen Casting, Design Patterns and Bidness.
  33. John Grantham - NotionLab - Notion Lab - social software for everyone.
  34. Lucian Savluc – luciansavluc AT gmail DOT com – - presenting the Romanian Open Source and Free Software Initiative (ROSI)
  35. Markus Frind Mfrind at Plentyoffish . com
  36. Crystal Williams - cleverclevergirl at Raincity Studios - Who am I kidding, I'll be conference wrangling. :-)
  37. John Ounpuu – jounpuu AT gmail DOT com – (blog) (project) - the social customer revolution
  38. Dethe Elza - delza at livingcode dot org - [] (blog/site) - Programming for the fun of it: OS X, Python, and Kids
  39. James Cogan - james at - [] (blog/site) - tbd, visiting from out of town, hoping to demo a new site we're working on
  40. weston triemstra - sxip - why and how to implement identity on your site
  41. Marius Scurtescu - marius at sxip dot com - sxip - tbd
  42. Jonathan Lin - jhslin at gmail dot com - Working Title - Print publishing at the precipice of online tech
  43. RichardEriksson Just a Gwai Lo Introverts and Social Software (or How I Learned To Love Large Social Gatherings)
  44. Jordan Behan I'm a total rookie, so maybe somebody would like to use me as a prop? Or collaborate? Email me and say hello:
  45. Jeff LaPorte - jlaporte AT - EQO Communications - tbd
  46. Tim Germer - Northwest Noise - Vancouver is Portland^10
  47. Shannon Emmerson - [] - Changing corporate culture blog by blog
  48. Kate Milberry - - Geeks and global justice: how tech activists can change the world
  49. Andy McKay - - Blog Plone - Plone, Python, OS X and lots of Ajax.
  50. Robin Johnson - - Blog My Job - isoHunt - tbd, maybe Rails related, maybe phpMyAdmin related
  51. Gerald Bauer - - The Level - may talk on the future of the web or the Short Head & Long Tail and Web 2.0 Economics and Business Opportunities
  52. Kerry Anne Holloway - - - blogging it, podcasting it, Official SpongeClub member
  53. Megan Cole - my blog / Raincity Studios - - How To Be A Sponge... or... How to embrace this new, very public life... Considering my fellow comrades, I am but a wee rookie. I'll be the one soaking up all I can and blogging and vlogging it all. Oo - I'll show y'all how to put back 12 Guinness in a single sitting.
  54. Gary Fung - - aka. IH, is my blog. May talk on DRM, the long tail, media and the web. tbd
  55. Dorian Taylor - - blog - perchance some rdf?
  56. Matthew Trentacoste - - site - Discuss the high fidelity imaging and PhotoCamp with KK+.
  57. Craig Riggs - - tbd
  58. Cathy Wang - - blog
  59. Stewart Marshall - website / blog
  60. Jessica Marshall - photoblog
  61. Steffani Cameron - CL, the last ditch | both are blogs ] With my (CL) blog in the top 9,000 in the world, it's amazing how little tech know-how I have, and I am now being bankrolled to do a podcast but know absolutely jack about that, and I'm hoping this can not only help me learn more, but help me network with locals. I'd be happy to be a subject in a thingie, but doubt I know enough to lead anything.
  62. Brent Van Wieringen - flickrfolio - the ins and outs of mobile
  63. Patricia Foster - /Career Blog/ - Will Blog the discussions and help out where I can.
  64. Peter Van Garderen - (website / blog) - I can demo the open-source Symfony PHP5 MVC platform which I'm using to develop a web-app.
  65. Dave Johnson - (nitobi/blog) ajax, fixies and politics. nuff said.
  66. Chani - chanika at gmail - website - I'm a sponge too... although there might be things I didn't know I knew.
  67. Mark Thomson - mark at yotophoto dot com yotophoto - tbd
  68. Dave Olson - dave at uncleweed dot net - podcast-laden webpage will only there friday 'til latenight - i would like to do some teaching on making quick and easy enhanced podcasts from scratch and publishing for the people (will need to borrow a mac laptop with new garage band), I then plan to spend rest of time practising stout drinking skills with Megan and learning how to bankroll a podcast from Steffani
  69. Marcelo Barth marcelo.barth aht gmail dawt com
  70. Colin Chudyk - website - questions: how do others collaborate online with their team when they are spread out all over the country? what are the essential tools/sites/resources for independent professionals?
  71. BorisMann - blog - I believe I'll be doubling as your BBQ chef for the event - (Boris, remember to cook them this time! ;-) phil)
  72. Warwick Patterson - - website/blog - vlogging tips/production values for the future
  73. JamesWalker - blog - drupal, jabber, identity oh my!
  74. John Bollwitt - john AT audihertz DOT net - website - blogging, podcasting, recording on the cheap
  75. Rebecca Bollwitt - miss604 AT miss604 DOT com - blog - blogging, podcasting
  76. Dean Delandreville - website - public 2.0 vs corporate 2.0
  77. Daman Bahner damanbahner at zoomis dot com - website
  78. Michael Stewart website - implementing identity
  79. Colin Brumelle mixedcontent - Drupal, music2.0
  80. Beau Hartshorne - blog - Ajax, JavaScript
  81. Greg Dingle - vlog - vlogging, video
  82. Tarry Giannakos - blog - I'm new to this - so I can hold up the screen or bbq or talk about the domain space and domaining.
  83. Bre Pettis - blog - I'll show off my new Kite Aerial Photography rig I just hacked together. Or I could teach how to make a duct tape wallet, or I could show how to make a pinhole camera, or I could blab on about video... How about all four?
  84. Alex Williams - blog - Talk about events, music, indie culture.
  85. David Gratton - Website - Talk about music self-publishing
  86. Aaron Wheeler - aaron at Website - The virtues and limitless possibilities of the post card
  87. Erik Hermans - erik at Website - the ultimate theme for themers... ??
  88. Jason Billingsley - hotwheel AT gmail DOT com Elastic Path Software  - Marketing guy with just a hint of geek: search marketing and SEO tips.
  89. Steve McKenzie - steve at Website - Drupal / JQuery
  90. Kate Trgovac - Uniserve Communications Corp - Sr. Product Manager and My Name is Kate
  91. Laurence Girard - website - me at laurencegirard dot com - Freelancer
  92. Scott Hadfield - website - - A session on adding openid support to your webapp, if there's interest.
  93. Sarah Pullman - my website  Yoga for Geeks website - I could lead a little Yoga for Geeks session, space permitting (doesn't have to be a full class, could be tips and tricks). I can also liveblog, and am interested in talking with other people who have an interest in the applications of technology for social change.
  94. Tod Maffin (podcaster, CBC broadcaster, CBC blogger) -  CBC official blog 
  95. Mike Cantelon - mcantelon AT - Vancouver Open Business News - A presentation on Django: High-Performance Rapid Development of Web Applications
  96. Adam Bouskila - website - abouskila At gmail Dot com - Freelancer, enthusiast. I could liveblog, and help out
  97. Jason Chimney - jchimney At gmail Dot com - total noob, willing to help any other presenters... also willing to stick around for clean up :)
  98. Will Pate
  99. Gordon Withers - myfirstname At fathomconsulting dot c a - Communicate effectively with your clients (tbd)
  100. Bryan Zug - bryanzug At gmail Dot com -
  101. Troy Angrignon, troy at troyangrignon dot com,, interested in leading a session to map out current technology and business trends that the BarCamp crowd are familiar with...or just participating in the other sessions.
  102. Steven Wittens - website - steven AT bryght dot com - Drupal / Bryght
  103. Mark Yuasa - Website  - mark at, looking forward to my second Barcamp, first in my hometown
  104. Thierry Guégan - thierry_guegan_dhaliwal AT - - drupal, open source, networking, tbc
  105. Peter Gordon - site  pbg at superwebdeveloper dawt com - php developer. Ill write about this event on my blog...
  106. Audrey Foo - website  audrey at foopicks point com - open source empowers people. I will gladly speak my mind and add my opinion to the fray.
  107. Shane Korytko - shane at somatix dot net - drupal and grassroots organizing
  108. Caryn Cameron - cgc at sfu dot cs willing to blog - cool thing, this
  109. Lisa Mighton - Believing Impossible Things, active participant; willing to laugh at jokes and applaud when prompted
  110. Scott - Overheard in Vancouver, There would have to be something to overhear in the discussions that I can add to the site.
  111. Colin Chudyk - website - questions: how do others collaborate online with their team when they are spread out all over the co
  112. John McDonald of Rampworth Capital Services – ( ). I often conduct Podcast interviews with CEO’s and I’d love to facilitate a group (or panel) discussion about Podcasts impact communications and how they can be monetized (if there is an interest).
  113. Sacha Peter - - - Possibly a brief on prediction markets, how social networks can be harnessed to make better decisions.
  114. Ryan Cousineau Metroblogging Vancouver  and Wired Cola  - I'd like to talk about how everything is wrong. Blogging is overrated and misunderstood. Podcasting is hardly ever worthwhile. A local orientation is probably a mistake for "serious" bloggers. Flickr isn't too bad.... I promise to take on all comers with more or less skill.
  115. Janice Denovan- jdenovan AT gmail DOT com - - semantic web
  116. Jason Barnes - - - Dissecting the MySpace Juggernaut
  117. Aaron Gladders - agladders AT 2Paths DOT com. 2Paths - XP in a custom software shop and using it with "bigger" clients
  118. Nick Grabovac - ngrabovac AT 2Paths DOT com. 2Paths - RoR with POJO's (or, kicking RoR's ass with a little java)
  119. Colin Quon - - EQO Communications
  120. Jeff Henshaw - - Xbox 360 - integrating services with client software and device design


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