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Hung medmanshozu process - ShoZu hangs after approx. 40 photos - 18112006108

I am running Shozu 3.0 on a Nokia N73 with firmware 2.0628.0.0.3 (which I know is NOT the latest; I will upgrade next week when I have access to a Windows box). My phone is on Canada's Fido roaming to its sister network Rogers using EDGE.

After taking about 40 photos, ShoZu hangs. If I look at the tasks by holding down the "menu" key, I see 3 "medmanshozu" processes. I tried to kill these processes using the "C" key but that didn't work.

The only way I could get ShoZu to work again was to reboot the phone.

Is this problem fixed with the latest firmware which I think is Version 3.0638.0.0.1? Or is this a ShoZu or Symbian OS S60 v3 bug?

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