Compare this N73 shot of Trout Lake:

N73 Trout Lake - Roland in Vancouver 055

With this N93 shot of Trout Lake (taken moments apart):

N93 Trout Lake - 19112006111

Which do you like better?

I think the N73 shot reflects what I was trying to capture better.

It's totally objective, but from my experience the N73 takes better still photos than the N93. But of course there's no optical zoom on the N73.

What do you think?

Check out Ken's N73 versus N93 shootout (I think the N93 shot looks better in Ken's comparison) and I agree with Stefan that $200 point and shoots are better. But not for long!

Also, $200 point and shoots are NOT connected to any network, mobile, WiFi or otherwise. Which means a long chain of pain to get the photo out into the 'online global conversation' that is the Internet and far less 'documenting the moment/zeitgeist shots'. In the future all cameras will have network connectivity even $200 point and shoots.

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