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Vancouver OpenID Mash Pit on N80i browser - 08/01/2007 <p> In 2006, lots of progress was made in 'identity 2.0', thanks to the hard work of sxip, and many other people and companies. If you are technical at all, come to the Vancouver Open ID Mashpit next Wednesday January 17, 2006. You will learn all you need to know. Suitable for all skill levels! </p><p> If you are an identity nijna already, bring your laptop and help others or write some code or configure your site with open identity. Identity is going to big: lots of money to be made and fun apps to use, design and write! RSVP by adding your name to the wiki. See you there! </p><p> From MashPit – Co-op Hackathon / MashPitOpenidVancouver: </p><p> QUOTE </p><blockquote> Want to learn more about OpenID 2.0 and spend an evening hacking on the new code? Join Sxip at the OpenID 2.0 Mash Pit evening in Vancouver. There will be simultaneous events that night in Portland and other locations, with a live webcast amongst us. OpenID is an emerging Identity 2.0 standard for exchanging identity data on the internet. This is for people to come and hack on OpenID 2.0 and figure out how to make it work for their sites or applications.

We'll do a brief introduction on OpenID 2.0 and the new stuff you can do with it such as attribute exchange with the email verification service, followed by 5 minute lightening talks on whatever you want to demo or talk about and then break out into small groups to help people actually dig into the "doing" of OpenID enabling their site. The goal? More hacking, less talking.

When: Wednesday, January 17th, 2007 - 4pm until we're done (see agenda below)
Where: Vancouver, BC - Sxip Identity, 798 Beatty St. (map)
Why: Find out more about the cool new features in OpenID 2.0! See how it can help internet users and sites alike with web single sign-on and exchanging data online
Who: Anyone interested in learning more about OpenID 2.0, finding out how easy it is to get a free OpenID account, and/or how to OpenID enable their website. And for the keeners who want to share the cool things they've done with OpenID.
RSVP: Please add your name below if you can attend and indicate if you'd like to do a lightening talk or what you'd like to discuss/hack on.

Remember to bring your laptops. Sxip will supply lots of wifi, snacks and drinks… </blockquote><p> UNQUOTE </p>

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