I just tried to upload the 148MB MPEG-4 video taken with my Nokia N93 from yesterday's Vancouver League of Drupalers meeting and it failed with this error: "Problem getting information from upload form. " I guess there's a limit? Say 50MB or 100MB? (which is typical and reasonable; AFAIK only Google videos allows over 100MB videos in my experience).

I tried to do the right thing and read the docs but none of the links work. i.e. guidelines, terms of use, faq and forum

All are 404 except faq which displays the questions but no answers in Firefox 2 on Mac.

It would be great to see a follow-up post about this because it'll be a very cool thing to have working!

FROM Getting Mobile Movies Onto Your Phone:


Pocketcine provides a way for you to transfer data from your computer to your phone (or potentially other people's phones) using WAP. Our Phone Uploader service is free, although you will incur data charges with your carrier. We downloaded a 500kb movie to our phone for $0.15 cents. You send the image, sound, application (midlet) or video to our server and then use your phone's browser to download the media file to your phone.

Click here to use the service now.

Jim Udall actually used part of the code we have on our site to build his mobile services platform. What is particularly useful about Jim's software is that it will query the phone requesting a file to download and transcode the video in the right size and format. He has also developed code that allows you to put a button on your website, making the whole process of downloading to the phone much faster and simpler. Unfortunately the service is not yet available on a commercial basis.


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