Fellow Bryght guy Steven's N73 review is brutally honest (he's Belgian but still just as blunt as the Germans)! I agree with his review, the N73 is a sweet cameraphone marred only by the less than optimal and not easy to use S60 software (which is better than the competition but could learn a thing or two from Apple's iPhone) and by the non standard ports (the POP port is cumbersome and unnecessary but to be fair to Nokia the competition features lots of proprietary connectors too)! Luckily it appears Nokia is "doing the right thing" and standardizing on USB and standard headphone ports!

From Nokia N73 Review | Steven Wittens - Acko.net:


After two months, the only thing I've consistently used other than voice calls and SMS is the camera, because it is really good for a phone. All the pictures on my Flickr page since December 1st were taken with the N73. I also listen to music whenever I can, but the MP3 player and proprietary headphones are too cumbersome.

The only part of the N73 that really stands out for me is the phone's form factor. I love that in spite of all its features, it's only as big as a typical phone. It's clearly designed for snapping pictures with and the screen is large and gorgeous. If the data-cable and file system didn't suck so much, I'd probably use it as a USB stick too (or better, if you could mount Bluetooth storage as local, ejectable drives).

Having used this phone, I can clearly see why traditional cellphone makers should fear Apple's iPhone. I've consistenty avoided using the phone's built-in tools like address book and calendar editing, because doing it on my Mac is orders of magnitude easier and faster. From what I've seen, the iPhone changes that. I really wish the iPhone will bring a fresh wave of usability improvements for mobile devices. But, if usability was all that mattered, we wouldn't be seeing so many Windows installs out there either...


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