UPDATE: I don't really expect Nokia to respond. "Can't wait for Nokia's response to this!" was a crude attempt at humour that obviously failed.

Hmmm. If it's really this bad (I am unencumbered by technical knowledge :-) when it comes to Symbian other than the user level knowledge that S60 on the mobile phones I get for free from Nokia crashes and hangs a lot), I'd suggest to Nokia to "pull a Mac OS X" and move to another OS or acquire one or develop one. Can't wait for Nokia's response to this!

FROM Readers Write About Symbian, OS X and the iPhone:


One developer writes, “In most regards, Symbian's reputation as a modern, robust, stable and advanced OS for smartphones is not well deserved. Sure, Symbian works, it has a very long feature list, and it's probably even the best smartphone OS available today. But it's mostly because the competition is pathetic than anything else.

“I have a done several Symbian projects and have a thorough knowledge and low-level understanding of Symbian. And I just hate it. It's a very bad and uninspiring OS even from a programmers point of view.”


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