Ah the mobile photo chain of pain. Although I whinge :-) constantly about the state of software on Nokia N series phones, I can't recommend any other phones if you are serious about about putting your mobile phone photos online (uploading them to your PC through the USB and Bluetooth chain of pain is very unpleasant as Igor describes and really is not worth it!) and want the minimum amount of pain. ShoZu has its problems (like an issue with thumbnails on Series 60 V3 phones which I am unclear as to whose "bug" it is: ShoZu's or Nokia's) but by and large it just works. Get an N Series phone with wifi, a flickr account, install ShoZu and upload photos automagically for free when you are in your fav WiFi hotspots. Until the iPhone comes out this is as good as it gets; Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola etc either have lousy cameras and/or software or only work with the less than optimal Java version of ShoZu.

FROM Software Matters | Mobile Muse:


Consider my D900. It takes decent pictures in bright environments, but getting them to the computer is anything but trivial. Find them on the phone (photos can only be saved on its internal flash memory), copy them to the memory card (painfully slow), insert the card into the PC card reader, import into Picasa. Sounds complicated? How about this - every time I move the pictures off the device, it starts counting them at "1". Eventually, multiple pictures with duplicate names are produced, causing even more confusion. Often I don't even want to create pictures because of how much work is involved in using them (and we're not even putting them on the web yet, just copying to the computer)!


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