White Lights <p>No, I don't get any commission from Adobe for p*mping Lightroom, LOL! As I said at Photo Camp I kind of feel that I've grown up with it as I watched the program improve from Beta 1 to 4 to 1.0 and listened to the Podcasts and except for the lack of unsharp mask functionality, it really is a "do ALL of your digital photography workflow" for serious amateurs who shoot a lot of "giggage" and heck it seems like a lot of pros are using it too (and unlike Aperture it runs on my three year old Powerbook G4). Anything requiring more editing requires a program like PhotoShop or Elements, etc. I definitely am saving my pennies and hope to buy Lightroom at the initial offer price of $US 199.</p> <p>I only wish that I had felt better so I would have taken more photos; it seems that every Northern Voice I end up being a little sick. More rest for 2008!</p> <p>FROM ongoing ยท Photo Camp and High-End Compacts: </p><p>QUOTE</p><blockquote>There was a lot of talk on workflow, something that is increasingly becoming an issue for your average digicam hobbyist. In particular, Roland Tanglao gave a presentation on Adobe Lightroom, and Adobe ought to put that boy on commission, because I bet fifty people are going to buy it. That would include me.</blockquote><p>END QUOTE</p>

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