Hello Kyte! Please add video support and fix your URLs <p> No disrespect but don't believe the hype from Tech Crunch and Read/Write web; kyte.tv isn't (yet) as great as The Skyte :-) the Java applet is cool; it allows me to upload photos very quickly in real time over WiFi, GPRS or 3G from my N93 (check out my RolandTV channel) and chat about those photos but it would be cooler if you could do video. Looking forward to video support (i'd settle for 3GPP but love if it supported the N93's glorious 640x480 video). </p><p> </p><p>
Suggestions: </p><ul> <li>Don't call it kyte.tv if it doesn't do live video!!!! I am sure that is coming.</li> <li>Fix the chat to allow cut and paste</li> <li>Fix those URLs please: http://www.kyte.tv/channels/browse.html;</li><li>jsessionid=na3urj9uqokh.as02?first=0&mode=LATEST#uri,channels/1114 belongs to 1999 no disrespect intended! </li> </ul>

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