Blogging them since otherwise they will get lost in the non transparent Globe and Mail dustbin of history :-)! And by the way, I *do* like the Globe and Mail and can't see myself stopping my print subscription, just think of these as constructive criticisms.

  • I don't like Leah McLaren's writing
  • I don't like partial text RSS - the teasers in the current Globe RSS feeds aren't that great.
  • I don't like the fact that print subscribers don't have full text access to the archive and advance access to future issues.
  • A long as I am a print subscriber I should have access to full text RSS feeds (with tasteful, relevant ads if you must!) and the entire archive of the Globe and Mail (or at the very least since I have been a print subscriber since 1998, I should get a 75% discount for access to the archive - the Globe doesn't reward loyal subscribers in any way which is not a way to nurture a community of lifelong subscribers.)
  • Please stop your telemarketers from calling me every four months and asking me if I am interested in a New York Times subscription; I love the NYT but I am not interested ! If I was, I'd contact them directly.
  • Please get rid of all content from The Economist, NYT, etc and minimize the wire service stuff. I am interested in content from the Globe's writers not re-purposed stuff from other publications.
  • Please implement Dave Winer's Checkbox News. Wouldn't it be great if I could click a checkbox that says "No more from Leah McLaren" or no more about Rush :-) ? Seriously it would be great and would drive adoption of your online service.

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