My apologies to Oren and the Contec crew; they gave me an early BUZmob heads up and for no good reason I didn't get around to trying it. Tried it tonight and it rocks on my N93 (both WAP and normal WebKit browser). Fast, sleek and useful river of news RSS aggregator. Now if only we had affordable mobile internet in Canada, sigh !

Question for Oren et al: will it work on any WiFi device? It works great on my Nokia N800. Will it work on other mobile devices like a Sony Playstation PSP or Nintento DS? My guess is yes!

And a feature request: please have an automatic 'mark as read' (don't need checkboxes but why show me something that I've already read?).

If you have a mobile device with WiFi or some sort of connectivity built in, you'll have fun with BUZmob. It's a great way to browse the web (since anything important on the web is linked to from an RSS feed!) Check it out! Go Contec go!

FROM BUZme mobile feed publishing service is now in open beta « The Mobile Net - From Useless to Useful:


Wow, it’s been a busy few months here at Contec Innovations. Today we announced the immediate availability of our mobile feed publishing service, BUZmob.

BUZmob is a web-based service which allows content publishers - bloggers, media sites, social networks, business websites - to instantly make their RSS/Atom based content available to all of their mobile readers. Mobile users need not download anything to their phones, and don’t even have to subscribe to a web-based service in order to access mobile content. The service combines text messaging, on-the-fly content adaptation, personalization, automatic bookmark generation and universal access to go beyond technophiles, and to enable even first time mobile-Internet users to easily interact with the content they regularly consume on the web.


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