The very rudimentary WYSIWYG mode in ecto is not so great but it's far better than staring at HTML code (which I know, love and curse daily). So much as I'd love to, I can't use MarsEdit 1.2 since it still doesn't have a WYSIWYG mode. Still using ecto! Alas, no progress has been made in WYSIWYG Mac blog editor's since ecto introduced it in 2004 :-( ! It's 2007, could we please have a real WYSIWYG mode in Mac blog editors? I know that true WYSIWYG is hard but even something that moves the state of the art forward like handling nested lists properly would be great!

Unfortunately neither ecto or MarsEdit have a solution that can handle 100s of categories (how about some kind of auto-complete?) that Drupal free tagging allows you to create as pioneered by and flickr!

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