The new Lightroom 1.1 catalog functionality that replaces Libraries at first glance appears very similar to iView Media Pro catalogs. Must check this out and explore this further!

FROM LightroomNews » General menus:


With the release of the 1.1 update, the Lightroom program has undergone a number of fundamental changes. The program’s performance has been tuned to run that little bit faster and more smoothly. Elsewhere you will notice quite a number of interface changes, not least in the Lightroom menus. When you first launch Lightroom after upgrading you will see a big change here, so as a service to those of you who are upgrading I have highlighted all the main menu differences. You can use this as a quick guide to some of the new changes.

Let’s start by looking at the File, Edit and Help menus, which are common to all of the Lightroom modules (I have not included the Window menu here because this is the one menu list that hasn’t changed in 1.1).


Starting from the top, we have the Catalog options. Catalog is the new term now used to describe what used to be referred to as the Lightroom image library (the file that contains all the information used to manage the images that are displayed in Lightroom). It is argued that this change in terminology from ‘library’ to ‘catalog’ now provides a clearer distinction between it and the Library module. Plus there is now better support for multiple catalogs.


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