Yes! Sign me up for the beta in July! Can't wait for Skype on the N800! Looking forward to doing a head to head comparison versus Gtalk and gizmo!

FROM jkOnTheRun: Skype on the Nokia N800: it's alive, it's ALIVE!:


I'm getting ready to leave NYC and the Digital Experience show, but had to share one tidbit before leaving. Among the many booths I stopped at was the Nokia booth. The big news there wasn't a new device, it was a service, and that service is Skype! It's been a long time coming, but Skype support for the Nokia N800 is right around the corner. I got a chance to see it, but it won't be available as a download until some time in July. The Nokia N800 already supports Gizmo for VoIP, but the addition of Skype adds more choice to make a good mobile device an even better one.


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