<armchair ceo>

Nokia doesn't need my advice but I'm going to give it anyway. :-) !

Plan A:

  1. Make the existing phones work right. e.g. fix the memory problems with ShoZu and the N95 even if this requires throwing hardware at it e.g. by doubling the RAM.
  2. Bundle N95s with ShoZu (a version that allows unlimited size video uploads to YouTube, or blip.tv, the present 4MB limit is silly) and a flickr membership and market the N95 for the groundbreaking and cool device that it is (well that I think it is; I don't have an N95 but other than the usual memory problems and the GPS antenna not being sensitive enough it looks like an awesome device)

Plan B:

  1. recast S60 around an open source core to make it more reliable and robust
  2. add touch and create a new user interface from the ground up to make the S60 user experience competitive with iPhone.

</armchair ceo>

I am sure Nokia has a response to the iPhone coming soon and I can't wait to see it. Vive la competition! Go Nokia and Apple go!

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