Decent review of Lifeblog. but really it's too little too late and its Windows only-ness and no support for taking large amounts of photos is why I don't use it. The only good thing about Lifeblog is the archiving of SMSes but I don't use SMS (or IM) for things I want to look at later. That's what's email and blogs and wikis are for! Flickr and many other photo sharing sites do photos better and viddler, et al do video better and organize by timeline and tags. The mobile Lifeblog client is still not very good for those who take more than 6 photos a day which will soon be everybody: Uploading 6 photos at a time is impractical. Having no UI cues about which photos you have uploaded to flickr is also not good.

FROM All About Symbian Review: Lifeblog:


Lifeblog is a shoebox of personal media for a digital age, and with it being all too easy to lose digitial images on our computers, it’s like a searchable set of negatives. If smartphones have made taking pictures and videos more convenient, then Lifeblog has made finding them and storing them just as convenient. Throwing in the textual and messaging archives as well is a wonderful bonus.

If you’re not using Lifeblog… why not?


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