UPDATE: Kate Milberry's thoughts. My name is Roland not Rowland :-) ! 

My Social Media for Parents session at BarCamp Vancouver 2007 was small but the discussion was lively not least of which was because Paul Prescod of Kinzin attended. My takeaways: privacy is not black or white but grey. Parents and everybody want an easy to way to share bits of their lives and media to their family and friends who may not even use computers which most social media sites don't handle gracefully since they are designed from an 'almost everything will be public' mindset for people who are wired with a capital W. This mindset doesn't correspond with the reality of most families!

Herewith the contents of the wiki page BarCamp / SocialMediaForParents (feel free to edit it and add your own thoughts):


My Family:

* me: 8000 private "family-only" photos on flickr, 2000 in blogware from pre flickr
* my sister in Belgium, parents in Hamilton, brother in Toronto
* 1 Mac user, my sister
* Rest Windows some without Quicktime, some with locked down corporate computers with old version of flash player (e.g. SightSpeed and YouTube didn't play because they had Flash 8 and not 9)
* my Mother doesn't have a computer or a cellphone - (she'd use one with voice or extremely easy to use interface e.g. "show my grandson's photos"), but realistically most people are NOT my mom, they either have (or will soon have) a cellphone and a computer (many empty nesters are enthusiastically learning cellphones and computers to communicate with their family and friends)

For Non Geeks

* real identity - a way to easily find your family and give them access to your family's media - until we get this flickr style identity contacts, friends, family is a kludge that will work but requires people to sign up which is hard for non geeks
* easy way to email photos, videos, etc for those who only use email (with built in "yousendit-like" tech)
* easy way to make prints (e.g. through local Shoppers Drug Mart or futureshop) for those who don't have a computer
* easy way to make DVDs for family (not just for non geeks, backup!), DVD subscriptions
* flickr style revokable guest passes
* allow people to create stories around their media no matter where it is
* allow people to subscribe via email, RSS and maybe even fax or snail mail (?!?)

For Geeks:

* Secure RSS (RSS over SSL with basic authentication)
* re-use media from other sites
* easy way to send SMS with text link to media and automatic Contec-like transcoding
* bulk uploaders and taggers
* work with Facebook


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