Wow 11 phones per second, wonder what's next for Nokia after mobile phones!

From Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect: 5th, 11, 39%, 70+:


The significance of the numbers? According to this recent InterBrand/BusinessWeek survey the 5th most valuable brand in the world with industry peers such as Microsoft at #2, Samsung at #21, Apple at #33 and Motorola at #77. 11 phones sold per second, which equates to a 39% market share in a (roughly) 1 billion sold per year industry. And lastly 70+ languages supported on our entry level products.
Tires and toilet paper? Mentioned because the company has a history of re-inventing itself from its fairly recent focus that included these two products, and that the design research which the Tokyo team is engaged in has a scope very much broader than simply mobile phones.


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