UPDATE: thanks for the link Nseries WOM World. For the record, I think the Nokia Music store could be successful if they sold non DRM'ed music. 

DRM s*cks! Apple's Fairplay s*cks! WMA DRM s*cks! The market has spoken and Apple's DRM has won. WMA DRM is dead and in the long run so is Fairplay (un DRM'ed music is the future!) so launching a music store based on DRM is folly. I want Nokia to be successful but basing a music store in 2007 on Microsoft's DRM is wrong. Hopefully Nokia will drop the Windows DRM and start selling un DRM'ed music real soon now.

From The Tao of Mac - Nokia Launches Music Store and N-Gage on New 'Ovi' Portal: <p>QUOTE</p> <blockquote> N-Gage and WMA music downloads – i.e., this has all the signs of being a dud. As I see it, the only thing going for it is PayPal support. </blockquote> <p>END QUOTE</p>

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