I’m helping a wee bit with the re-launch on October 1st in a more informal style like Steph and Bryan did for the original Mobile Monday Vancouver way back in January 2006. Register today, it’s free; see you at Granville Island Brewing Company at Granville Island on October 1st at 6p.m!
From MOBILE MONDAY VANCOUVER, October 1, 2007 | Bryght:


Roland Tanglao is helping organize MoMoVan October 2007! (event on upcoming)

Every first Monday of the month 100 of the smartest local minds will share their ideas in places that we all love. The new WINBC Mobile Monday Vancouver (MoMoVan) starting Monday, October 1st is going back to its grass roots origins. FROM HELSINKI’S MOMO GLOBAL SUMMIT TO VANCOUVER’S LOCAL INNOVATORS Are you an interested, opinionated developer, entrepreneur, CEO, Ph.D or student ready to share with others your thoughts, ideas, and solutions around our local wireless industry and Web 2.0 community? Are you ready to have fun? How about free pizza, free beer (1st round), and free parking? We have listened to people like you and developed an event that YOU want:

* To enable an open conversation that is relevant to the wireless and Web 2.0 community in Vancouver and BC
* To facilitate opportunities for casual networking, identifying local talent, building strategic partnerships and business development
* To promote local innovation and collaboration in the wireless and Web 2.0 industry from small start-ups to large companies to research labs
* To have FUN
** You must register, even if you are not paying a fee, by Friday, September 28, 2007. **


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