I am doing a mobile study with Simon Fraser University and have the original N95 for a week.

"Blink" :-) reactions after 12 hours with an N95-1:

  1. The double slide *does* appear flimsy as reported by many others
  2. It is much lighter than the N93
  3. Limited battery life reported by others hasn't affected me yet
  4. Not sure I like the multi-media key menu - after over 6 months with the N93, I am used to invoking ShoZu by hitting the multimedia key and then up; the N95 way (multi-media key and then use arrow keys to scroll to ShoZu) is slower and takes more keystrokes
  5. ShoZu hasn't crashed on me yet ! Yay! But I have only taken about 20 or so pictures. I'll stress ShoZu more during my commute tomorrow morning by taking 40 or so photos during my 40 minute door to  door commute
  6. Love the hardware volume keys (which I believe the N91 had)! Wish the N93 had that.
  7. Love the smaller form factor. Don't miss the optical zoom of the N93 yet.
  8. Menus changed yet again on the N95 versus the N93. It's a bit disconcerting but not hard to find where things are!
  9. Screen seems sharper
  10. Photos seem better. Need to compare with N93. Haven't tried a video yet

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