Day 2 thoughts:

  1. Seems faster shot to shot than the N93
  2. Photos seem more vivid (more sharpening)
  3. EDGE s*cks but just like on the N73 less s*cky than GPRS
  4. Video seems just as good as the N93
  5. Got my first out of memory errors from the browser (at this point I only have ShoZu installed and a few videos and a few photos :-) )
  6. ShoZu owes me lots of beer :-P for the number of people I have taught how to configure ShoZu over WiFi and how to config ShoZu in general (it's not that bad but it could be improved, the flickr authorize screen could be more obvious and that "chess piece" capcha has to go)
  7. Just like using a Tom Tom GPS puck with a N93 and N80, the GPS lock is problematic and works erratically

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