Better late than never, Globe and Mail. Here's to Rogers coming to their senses and offering the iPhone at an affordable price to Canadians soon.

From Kapica’s Cyberia - How to get an iPhone:


Canadians would have to pay $400 for the iPhone, and to use all the iPhone features, about $300 a month in voice and data fees (the iPhone is a heavy user of mobile data transfer). By comparison, AT&T, the sole company offering the iPhone in the United States, allows a plan for $100 that includes 1,350 minutes of voice calls, unlimited data, video voice mail, 200 text messages and unlimited use nights and weekends.

The iPhone would be too expensive for Canadians to buy even if they had a data plan that charged them $100 a month.

So far, Rogers has been sitting on its hands, unwilling to cut its rates because it is still unsure whether there would be enough of a market for the iPhone to offset such a major cut.


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