Like Miss 604 I have a brand new iPhone (courtesy of Santa Roland not John :-) ! and my LA based bro-in-law) which i got working with Fido and Rogers with an iPhone Hellas Sim on December 24th.

Here's how I did it:

  1. I followed this 1.1.2 jailbraking recipe on hackintosh, (thanks to Derek and Ian for pointing this out to me, Thanks to Paul for giving me moral encouragement).
  2. I then watched the iPhone Hellas SIM cutting video about 10 times and got Barb to cut it and then inserted it (not without a wee accident resulting in a very minor bruise on my finger. I am OK but I suggest using a push pin instead of a needle to remove your SIM like I did. The first time I inserted my Fido SIM together with my iPhone Hellas Sim hack I did it wrong (not a surprise given my lack of mechanical aptitude) and it took considerable effort to extract it and it was much easier using a push pin than a needle). 2nd time worked like a charm


  1. No need to downgrade my version of iTunes to work with Independence
  2. No need to downgrade to 1.0.2, just go to 1.1.1 and then jailbreak and then 1.1.2 and jailbreak

Observations: <ol> <li>Everything indeed just works. It doesn't do video and photos like I want but that's what my N95-1 is :-) for! Most people don't care about video and photos like I do and can therefore use the iPhone and its crappy photos and non existent video. I will use the N95-1 over WiFi for photos and video</li> <li>The web browser works much better than the N95-1 webkit browser</li> <li>Threaded SMS just works</li> <li>Contacts just work unlike my Nokia phones which always get annoying details wrong like reversing the first and last names</li> <li>I used Google Maps for finding directions after our Christmas flight and it works great in the dark with a rental car just fine over EDGE using my grandfathered data plan.</li> <li>I miss ShoZu (too lazy to configure it to upload over WiFi in my N95-1 but I will)</li> <li>Nokia please copy the WiFi / Cellular connectivity from Apple, their implementation just works unlike yours.</li> </ol>
Conclusion: if you are a Canadian geek with an interest in the mobile space you have to get an iPhone. Just do it and get an iPhone Hellas SIM to make it work. Apple and Rogers might introduce a Canadian iPhone running 3G in early January at MacWorld but I doubt it and if they do, I am ordering one :-)

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