ShoZu is a killer app for any phone with WiFi or unlimited mobile data and Qik is a killer app for mobile phones (I have tested on Nokia’s N95-1, it supposedly will be available for non Nokia phones some day) with unlimited mobile data. Why? Because mobile data reaches almost everywhere in urban centres and you never know when you want to live stream. Qik + unlimited Mobile Data gives you the freedom to stream anywhere, WiFi doesn’t. The amazing thing is that Qik is only in alpha and for an alpha is high quality. It can only get better. Unbelievably it works at 320x240 over EDGE (for short videos anyway, long videos require you to plug in or you will run out of batteries); I can’t imagine how much more fun and fast it is over 3G where it works at 640x480 on the Nokia N95 and N93. See some sample videos cross posted from my RCS blog after the jump.

I couldn't stay for the entire Launch Party Vancouver 3 unfortunately. But thanks to the handy dandy alpha service, (my Qik videos), I was able successfully stream live> three videos from my Nokia N95, one with Raincity's very own Dave Olson on the way there (mysteriously ended by a cellphone outage or was it the alpha software?), one with Jesse Silver of Sun on Open Solaris and one with Jordan Behan of Vancouver's stealth video startup Strutta.

On the road to LPV3 w/Dave Olson:

Jesse Silver on Open Solaris

Jordan Behan on Strutta

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