Today I tried out flixwagon, “a stream live from cellphone” competitor to Qik. I did a “Carcast” direct from my N95 (mounted on the empty passenger seat with my Gorillapod) as I drove from Gastown to the Viaduct (12 minutes). Impressive!
What Flixwagon seems better at then Qik:

  1. Better buffering
  2. More "Ajax-y" website

What Qik seems better at then Flixwagon:

  1. Non Cheesy look and feel. I could live without the little flixwagon icon moving about before the video is shown and the "too cute" flixwagon smiley icons.
  2. Higher Resolution. Qik seems to be higher resolution the flixwagon. Qik is 320x240, Flixwagon seems to be lower resolution
  3. Better URLs. There seems to be no flixwagon equivalent of If it's there I couldn't find it. UPDATE: it's there! found it by URL hacking, no obvious link when logged in, my page is indeed

Anyways the proof is in the video and both Qik and Flixwagon are evolving at a rapid rate, so let the competition continue! Check out my flixwagon “CarCast”:

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