After 12 hours with a borrowed Rogers N95 8GB NAM, my conclusion is still to get an unlocked one!

In short, the Rogers N95 8GB NAM is:

  1. The Multimedia creator phone that N series users the world over have learned to love. Great camera and great video!
  2. The S60 interface we have come to love/hate which is hard to use as all N series aficionados know.
  3. Rogers has put their bogus "deck" in the web browser and Vision software on their version of N95 8GB NAM and it's just as suspected, unusable and totally superfluous. Change the home page and don't use the Vision app; none of it's any good!
  4. It's the Rogers Data plan that we have all come to love. Danny who set up the phone, was told by a Rogers CSR he could get a 1GB data plan for $100/month which contradicts the $65/month 1GB PC Card plan that Alec Saunders got from Rogers. Inconsistencies 'r Rogers! Or is it a deliberate attempt to confuse customers by telling different customers different stories about data plans?

My conclusion remains the same: get an unlocked N95 8GB NAM and a $65/month PC Card plan. You'll be a lot less frustrated!

Some more details after the jump

<ol> <li>Memory Full when running Fring. Ah S60 memory manaegement, this shouldn't happen ever!</li> <li>Fit and Finish seem much better than my N95-1</li> <li>Doesn't seem crippled in any way in terms of adding apps or wifi</li> <li>Lots of access points: GoRogers, Media, Rogers Internet, Streaming - I am sure this confuses customers to no end!</li> <li>3G is much faster (no surprise) but slower than WiFi</li> <li>Rogers "Home Page" aka "deck" is aweful as I expected; give me the internet</li> <li>App Manager Shows:</li> <li> <ol> <li>Music Player</li> <li>Fring (only app installed by the customer of this phone)</li> <li>Fifa07 Demo</li> <li>APSServer v2</li> <li>Google Search</li> <li>Asphalt3</li> <li>Google Maps</li> <li>Block Breaker Del</li> <li>Wheel of Fortune</li> <li>Mail by Google</li> <li>Midnight Pool</li> <li>Gmail</li> <li>WPT Hold Em</li> <li>Mobile email</li> <li>Rogers on Demand</li> <li>YouTube</li> <li>Street Fighter</li> <li>Mobile TV</li> <li>Vision App</li> </ol> </li> </ol>

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