My brain has many, many "fun" ideas some of which could potentially be a money making business, some of which could not. I think BareBonesCafe ("BBC") is one of the latter :-) Feel free to steal the BBC Concept (all I ask for is attribution i.e. "idea inspired by Roland Tanglao")

  1. BBC is a cafe with a bar with six seats. No tables. You either stand or sit at the bar. Open 7a.m. to 5p.m. Monday to Friday.
  2. No WiFi, no internet no power outlets (I love WiFi Cafes but if you want that go elsewhere!)
  3. No Music
  4. No Advertising (I hate those scrolling LCD screens you see in a lot of businesses)
  5. No Tea (I love tea but this is a hyperfocused business :-) ! )
  6. No Food (I love food but again this is a hyperfocused business so no muffins no biscotti, etc!)
  7. Only fresh Coffee from an Espresso Machine and Espresso drinks brewed using the best tasting fair trade, bird friendly, blah blah blah, etc coffee. Nothing else. No Italian soda, pop, etc
  8. No Brewed Coffee,no french press, no Clover machine, etc.
  9. No takeout, only coffee in "real" cups
  10. No coffee cards, no promotions, no free coffee after buying 10
  11. Cash only, no credit, no credit cards, no debit card
  12. No tips asked for or accepted.
  13. Two people: Owner (me) and Barista.
  14. Barista makes $CAN 50,000 a year plus full benefits
  15. Barista only has two responsibilities: make great coffee and conversations with customers
  16. Barista can take as much vacation as she/he wants as long as they sub-contract to somebody who makes great coffee and conversations

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