Eclipse is a maze of twisty passages all alike for those not used to it :-) Herewith a quick and dirty guide for those not used to it! More in my Bug Adventures wiki

  1. How do I use f***ing Eclipse?
    1. Easy: always make sure the  Dragonfly Perspective is open from Window->Open Perspective->Other
  2. How do I load code from a JAR from other people for a Bug APP that's not on BUGnet?
    1. "New Bug Project" (one of the funny icons on the top left , the one in the middle)
    2. Select All Services, and select your Bug, then click Finish
    3. Right Click->Import->General->Archive File->Browse->blah.jar that you received from your friend or fellow developer
    4. Select "Yes To All" when asked about "Overwrite .project" in folder
    5. Right Click "Send to Bug

There doesn’t seem to be a way to single step through code on the Bug itself. This seems to work no problem on the Virtual Bug but I don’t use simulators, sorry! I used to do this via adb/gdb/xdb/ in the 1990s with HP-UX and other unix variants so there must be a way to do this on the Bug. Pointers appreciated!


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